Get early access to crypto gems with the Blazing Social Finder

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We are excited to introduce you to our first Telegram bot in the Blazing Bot Ecosystem. Meet Blazing Social Finder: an indispensable tool both for professional gem hunters and crypto-sniping beginners alike.

Our bot combines convenience and functionality to provide traders of all experience levels with first-in-class, data-driven tools. This is your gateway towards better-informed decisions for crypto trading.

How to find that elusive crypto gem?

In theory, it sounds simple. All you have to do is find a promising coin and buy it very early. In practice however, finding a promising coin can be exceedingly difficult.

One of the main culprits is information overload. Manual tracking of all the social media accounts would take all your time with no guarantee of results. Let’s break down sniping into four stages:

  1. Manual searching for new projects
  2. Selection of good projects among tons of scams
  3. Collection of all necessary project data
  4. Project analytics

The first three steps are routine and generally take up 80% of your time. Meanwhile, you only have 20% of your time to dedicate to the most important project analysis phase.

In this respect, our intention is simple - to unblock more of your time for the most essential parts of due diligence.

Blazing Social Finder: Your time saver in crypto.

Crafted by professional crypto snipers, the Blazing Social Finder fully automates collecting all necessary data about new crypto projects, giving you more time to make the most effective data-driven investment decisions.

How to access Blazing Social Finder? 

As a user, you only need a Telegram app on your smartphone or PC to access the bot by following this link.

How does the Blazing Social Finder work?

It’s a helpful tool that can save you time and effort by automatically collecting social media links from projects with open-source smart contracts on Etherscan. This means you don't have to search for social media links yourself.

The Blazing Social Finder extracts the links from the comments section of the open-source code and then sends you a message with all the information you need about the project, such as: 

  • project name
  • contract address
  • developer address 
  • token decimals 
  • links for token analysis 
  • total supply of the token 
  • social media links
  • social media & website domain creating age
  • trading status

This information is sent to the bot's Telegram channel, so you can easily access it anytime.

The Blazing Social Finder is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest cryptocurrency projects. It can help you save time, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of the curve.

How to use it to find a new crypto gem?

The Blazing Social Finder streamlines the process of discovering promising crypto projects by delivering comprehensive summaries to its Telegram channel. These concise updates, accompanied by a screenshot of the project's website, provide valuable insights into the project's fundamentals.

By carefully analyzing the information provided by the bot, users can identify promising projects with strong potential. Key indicators to consider include:

Developer Wallet Balance: A healthy developer wallet balance suggests that the project has sufficient funding for development and long-term sustainability.

Total Token Supply: A relatively limited total supply indicates that there is less competition among token holders to sell, potentially leading to more stable or even increasing token prices.

Token Decimals: A higher number of decimals allows for greater divisibility of the token, facilitating smaller transactions and potentially attracting a wider range of investors.

Social Media & Website Domain Age: Before investing in a project, check its domain and Twitter account age. An aged domain and active Twitter account suggest a project with a longer history and a more established community. Conversely, a fresh domain and inactive Twitter account might indicate a new project or a farm where the developer's gains precede the project's success.

Trading Status: Early-stage projects with upcoming token trading offer an opportunity to potentially acquire tokens at a lower price before they gain wider recognition.

By diligently examining these factors, users can effectively utilize the Socials Finder Bot to identify and research promising crypto projects, increasing their chances of uncovering future gems.

Final Word

The Blazing Bot Ecosystem offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help crypto enthusiasts of all levels achieve their financial goals. With the Blazing Social Finder, you can navigate the crypto market breadth with confidence and precision, uncovering hidden gems and making informed investment decisions.

Join our Telegram community and explore the full potential of the Blazing Bot Ecosystem. Together, we can unlock the boundless opportunities of crypto trading and transform you to pro sniper.

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