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A quick introduction to Crypto Sniping.

Basically, you need to be the first to buy a token at a low price and then sell it to others at a higher price. Sounds like regular trading, right? Well, it's actually way more thrilling than that!

1 min read
Master the art of sniping & trading

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to become a professional sniper. Your journey to expertise starts here.


The Story of a Founder of Blazing Bot - Slice's Story

Hello, Blazing Bot community! I'm Slice – the Founder of Blazing Bot and a Pro Crypto Sniper. What I'm developing right now is more than just a trading bot. Blazing Bot embodies my entire journey of becoming a crypto sniper. Let me share my story with you.

3 min read

How Telegram Sniping Bots are changing Crypto Trading

Today, we’re in a new phase of crypto trading, where being fast is just as important as being smart. To better understand this, let's take a look at how trading has evolved over the years.

6 min read

Stay on top of market movements with the Blazing Wallet Tracker

The Blazing Wallet Tracker is designed for tracking specific ERC-20 wallets as chosen by the user. It is particularly useful for those interested in monitoring the activities of key developers or high-performance wallets in the cryptocurrency market.

4 min read

Introducing First Blazing Bot Ecosystem Tools

Our mission at Blazing Bot is to democratize professional-grade crypto trading and sniping, making it accessible to all. We achieve this by empowering our users with telegram crypto trading tools designed for trading, sniping, and real-time analytics.

5 min read